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PURPOSE 1: giving feedback to the requests of the interested parties, executing contractual and pre-contractual obligations and legal obligations strictly connected to participation in the prize competition promoted by data controller. To this purpose we inform you that the data of the data subjects will be used for normalization, deduplication, filtering and verification validity of the registration. Entries that after verification of validity will be clearly false or with incorrect email addresses and non-existent telephone numbers will not be considered valid.

PURPOSE 2: Use of data for promotional purposes by sending commercial communications from the Data Controller or third parties or carrying out market studies. To this end, it is noted that the data of the interested parties will be used for normalization, deduplication, filtering and verification. The communications will be sent by the OWNER.

PURPOSE 3: Communication of data of interested parties to companies, organizations and / or entities interested in addressing commercial communications of the business sectors indicated below, or for the purpose of carrying out market studies. This will imply the possibility of using your personal data for normalization, deduplication, filtering and verification. Commercial communications relating to this purpose will be sent directly by third parties.

The promotional actions carried out by the OWNER may be carried out through the following channels:

  • e-mail,
  • mail,
  • telephone calls to fixed lines or cell phones,
  • sending SMS and / or MMS messages,
  • messaging platform services, chat,
  • any other type of similar communication.

Storage of personal data:

With reference to the data collected by the Data Controller for requests by the interested party, execution of contractual, pre-contractual or legal obligations strictly connected to participation in the prize competition: the Data Controller will keep the database for the time necessary to manage the activities related to data processing .

With reference to the advertising activities: the data of the data subjects will be kept for the time necessary for the execution of the activity, avoiding in any case the indefinite preservation and favoring the exercise of their rights by the interested party. The retention time is fixed in five years, unless the interested party carries out actions that confirm his will allow the use of his data.


The following are the legal bases that legitimize the processing of data in relation to specific purposes:

  • In order to manage the requests of the interested party and the participation of the interested party in activities carried out by the Data Controller related to the participation in the prize competition – Need to execute the requests of the interested party
  • In order to carry out commercial communications from third-party companies / market studies by the Owner even outside EU territory – Consent of the interested party
  • In order to carry out commercial communications to companies, organizations and / or entities interested in addressing commercial communications / market studies – Consent of the interested party.


The data collected to provide feed back to the requests of the interested party (PURPOSE 1) may be disclosed to subjects authorized to process (such as not exhaustive: Notaries, Chamber of Commerce Officials, etc.) and appointed suppliers responsible for the processing of the personal data necessary for the execution of the data (such as, for example, a non-exhaustive example: prize-granting parties, shippers, companies associated with the prize competition, etc.).

Data collected for the implementation of advertising actions by the Data Controller (PURPOSE 2): no data will be communicated to third parties but data may be processed by Data Processors with specific legal documents.

The collected data will be communicated to third-party companies, organizations and / or entities interested in addressing commercial communications to interested parties. These subjects will be:

  • Companies and advertising agencies belonging to the sectors of activity indicated below in this point 4;
  • Marketing Company;
  • Call Center;
  • Partners (parties involved in a company or branch of a business, to companies resulting from possible mergers or demergers of data controller);
  • Business partners

The sectors of activity for which interested parties could receive information are the following:

Communications: communications and technology products and services, etc .;

Finance and banking sector: financial entities, insurance, investment, social security, etc .;

Leisure: pay TV, editorials, sports, collecting, photography, pastime, games, transport, navigation, tourism (hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, etc.), aerospace, gardening, hobbies, lottery, competitions, communication and entertainment, art, music, etc .;

Distribution and commerce: electronics, information technology, image and sound, fashion, accessories, clothing, textiles, bazaars, cosmetics and sanitary hygienic, chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-technology, agro-food, supermarkets, drinks, office materials, furniture, etc .;

Automotive: products and services related to cars, industrial vehicles, cycles and motorcycles, trucks, mechanics and metallurgy, etc .;

Energy and water: products related to electricity, hydrocarbons, gas, water and utilities, etc .;

NGOs, ONLUS and associations: products and services related to non-profit organizations, foundations, etc .; Education, training, education, university, etc .;

Communication and services: advertising agencies, marketing, events, consultancy, advertising, PR, advertising dealers, media centers, telecommunications, market research, mobile marketing agencies, etc .;

Ecology and environment;

Building, civil engineering and real estate products / services: buildings, decorations, houses, design, real estate agencies, etc .;

Exhibitions and events, etc .;

Information technology, internet, e-commerce sites, etc .;

Casino with Italian administrative license (aams); Political communications.

The companies that receive personal data may be located outside the European Economic Area, which will receive them only if adequate safeguards are provided for the protection of data subjects as provided for by current legislation.


You are entitled to:

  • Access your data.
  • Ask for correction.
  • Ask for cancellation.
  • Oppose to the processing.
  • Ask for the treatment limitation.
  • Ask for data portability.

You can exercise your rights directly and free by contacting the following email address and indicating in the object “EXERCISE OF THE RIGHT OF PERSONAL DATA” specifying which right request or for written communication to the address of the Owner

Your request must indicate dates, name, surname, request, address for notification purposes. To avoid any misunderstanding about the identity of the natural person who requests the exercise of their rights, the Owner reserves the right to request a copy of the identity document to confirm the identity of the applicant in cases where this is necessary.

The interested party has the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data at the address



By participating in events organized by the owner, a free title, without time limits

the service of transmission, publication and / or dissemination in any form of images on websites, social channels on paper and / or any other means of dissemination, as well as authorizing the preservation of photos and videos are in the computer archives of assumption and disclosure, declaring that it has done nothing in terms of the above and irrevocably renounces any right, action or claim deriving from the foregoing.

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