What is omm, the one minute meditation?

OMM is to know yourself, OMM is to become aware, OMM is to live passionately

OMM, The one Minute Meditation is a path designed by Patrizio Paoletti to acquire tools and ideas that are able to produce an improvement and to learn how to reach peace, that inner condition of being that allows you to:

Listen to yourself

Grasp your deepest and most heartfelt dreams


Act with more awareness and oriented towards your objectives


Rejoice every moment of 
your life

“MEDITATING is not closing your eyes.

Meditating is opening your eyes to LIFE”

Patrizio Paoletti


A discipline with benefits that have long been confirmed by scienceOMM has its origins IN MEDITAtion

Meditation allows us to suspend the automatic response that makes us react negatively to everything that creates stress and anxiety, and creates a space inside of us where we can better understand ourselves, people and events.

For this reason OMM today has become OMM WORLD, a world of opportunities to train yourself in the continuous improvement of every aspect of your life. Book, events, courses online, for businesses, the family and much more.

Best Seller Amazon

Read OMM the One Minute Meditation, the bestseller by Patrizio Paoletti, to initiate yourself to the 5 steps of OMM and learn, one minute at a time, to go beyond laziness, beyond convictions and to realize the life you really desire.

A simple but extremely effective book that became an Amazon bestseller from the first day, with practical exercises to train yourself, and 3 special gifts: 1 relaxation audio, 1 video lesson and 1 guided meditation.

Buy the book that teaches you to practice OMM now: 1 minute to change your life.
If you want you can download the extract for free.

“What would happen if one BILLION people would practice OMM daily?
I can say with certainty that the world would be better.”

Patrizio Paoletti

It all starts with a dream, the dream to be able to reach 1 billion people in order to bring the joy of peace and love into the world.

There is only one thing that allows you to reach joy and fulfillment in life: self-awareness. After having written the book OMM, the One Minute Meditation, I received thousands of requests to explore the 5 keys in the book further. For this reason we created OMM WORLD, an agora where you can find all the tools of OMM and the training that is just right for you, to discover who you are, what you want and your true potentials.

A mind trained by the heart is able to make you realize what you really desire, 1 minute at a time. Do not underestimate the power contained in one minute.


Patrizio Paoletti

Creator of the OMM method

Patrizio Paoletti, a visionary mentor, influencer and disruptor-coach devotes himself to the evolution of humankind, their well-being and their continuous improvement. He encourages the people he meets to go beyond social, personal and cultural stereotypes and prejudice in order to deeply explore their possible self-realization.

For more than thirty years, through his “Human Inner Design” program and School of Self-Awareness, he has been proposing innovative experiential training tools, validated by neuroscientific research and international collaborations with scientists, institutes and universities such as the Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv, the Università La Sapienza of Rome and the Neuroscience Institute of Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti. Patrizio Paoletti.


“Nothing will be able to make you happy if you do not give yourself the permission to be happy now.”

Patrizio Paoletti

OMM Academy is the opportunity to go to a physical place, such as the academy of Plato, where, together with Patrizio Paoletti and hundreds of other participants, you will make an intense experience of practical training to learn to know and master the OMM method.


The hand of the OMM clock moves over the fears and transforms them into values.

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The path of OMM the One Minute Meditation teaches you to discover what you really desire and how to advance towards your goal.

A passionate life is the result of ideas that are applied concretely and with constancy. Today you can decide to start OMM the One Minute Meditation from the comfort of your home with the 365 OMM course, or participate in the intensive seminars.

Decide what the better world that you desire looks like and which step to take in order to start realizing it!

365 DAYS OF TRAINING WITH Patrizio Paoletti

A course of awareness to discover who you are and realize what you want. 365 OMM is your daily mind gym, a simple and practical training to do at home in order to learn to create the New You. A You that is able to detach from the daily stress, distance itself from destructive emotion and is determined to listen to and fulfill its own deepest and most heartfelt desires.



Discover all the OMM formats to transform your life



A one-year course with weekly meetings

Certified OMM trainers, admission upon selection

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE are practicing OMM in Italy and around the WORLD.

Read below to see what people who have already participated in an OMM-LIVE event have to say!

“MEDITATING is not closing your eyes.
Meditating is opening your eyes to LIFE”

Patrizio Paoletti