Psychological types

Psychological Types

The Man, the symbols that represent him and his psychology

3 in-depth days from June 29 to July 1

The psychological types Seminar for the first time in Israel!

Did you know that through "ordinary" playing cards you could very clearly understand yourself, What are the hidden motivations that make you do anything, and allow you to better understand the people around you?

Discover the secrets of your inner nature and the world around you, using the ancient knowledge of the French-suited cards and the four human centers!

Antonella tells about the psychological types

What are French-suited cards?

The French-suited cards contain ancient knowledge that has been kept secret for years and represent the character traits of different people and how they behave, each card contains many symbols and hints concerning human nature.

In the seminar we will learn about the cards and find out who we are – kings? Queens? Jacks? Through a journey to discover your inner nature and the world around you, the mystery of French-suited cards will bring you to a deeper acquaintance with yourself and others, how to solve the problems you encounter and create the life you are looking for.

What will we learn and experience during the seminar?

Here are the wonderful benefits that will occur in your life due to studying the 12 cards of the psychological types

The Psychological Types Seminar
for the first time in Israel

3 in-depth Days
29.6 to 1.7

The Trainer

Antonella Galiè

Founder and manager
Self-Awareness Institute

Antonella has extensive experience in the field of self-awareness and personal development, having been involved in a large number of activities in this field for the past 30 years.

Facilitates seminars, and lectures, She is the shadow writer of several books and articles about self-awareness. Recently, she is the founder and director of the Self-Awareness Institute, which deals with training about self-awareness and she manages the International School of Self-Awareness for the Harmonious Development of Man - which works on the four pillars of the cycle of evolution: Philosophy, Art, Science, and Economics.

Beyond her business activities, she is a founding member of two non-profit associations where she serves as a board member: Fondazione Albero della vita which deals with projects that collect abandoned children, and Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti which focuses on education, neuroscience and pedagogy.

The seminar is sponsored by the International School of Self-Awareness

The International School of Self-Awareness, relying on Philosophy, Art, Science, and Economics - the noble circle of human development - turns its attention to the process and meaning of life itself.

Humanity has always asked itself some existential questions. The answers to these questions are not obvious. These questions come from a careful research path that creates new perspectives and understandings, which deeply motivate the participants and direct them to give a different meanings to everyday life.

the Founder

Patrizio Paoletti

Founder of the International School of Self-Awareness

Patrizio Paoletti, a man of peace, mentor, influencer, and disruptor-coach who deals with personal development,

invites the people he meets to go beyond clichés and personal, social, and cultural prejudices to deeply explore the possibility of self-fulfillment.

For over thirty years, through the Human Inner Design program and the International School of Self-Awareness,which offers original and wise methods for experiential training, which have been validated and approved by research in the field of brain research and by collaborations with international scientists, institutes, and universities, such as Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, La Sapienza University in Rome and the Neuroscience Institute of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation.



Michal Hafner
Michal Hafner
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The teaching of the psychological types is an ancient teaching embodying deep secrets. Since I’ve been exposed to the teaching, my life has changed and I have begun to understand myself and the world better. This teaching is nothing less than amazing. The realization that we are all human but all motivated by different things received a practical meaning, allowing me to act and conduct myself in the world with new eyes - being much less judgemental to others and opening up to a wide variety of people that wouldn’t have been possible without the teaching. Therefore, understanding myself and the forces acting on me has deepened, and so I started to better understand who I am, where I am, and where I’d like to get. I can testify that after years of deepening in the teaching I am a different woman with a broader vision, deeper inclusiveness, and greater love for the world. It manifests in every area of my life and produces great fruits. Warm recommendation.
Uri Rimon
Uri RimonVice President of Product at a computerized vehicle information company
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In the psychological types seminar with Antonella Galie (besides being a light-hearted, amusing experience) I received a practical tool for communicating better with myself and my surroundings. When I deeply understand the motivation for the different manifestations of the types, I succeed in reading through the appearance of things in a broader way, understanding where behaviors originate, and therefore succeeding in being less affected by them. It’s a map that enables orientation in the field of relationships, and navigation in it according to the direction and destination I’m seeking. In my opinion, this seminar is a must for everyone, in order to know themselves, and create a connection and fruitful dialog among humans in general.
Asaf Percia
Asaf PerciaCEO Hadkeren Publishing House
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It is not exaggerated to say that the psychological types seminar I attended more than a decade ago is still with me to this day, on a daily basis. The seminar enabled me to understand the people around me, understand why people behave so differently from one another, what motivates each of them, and what can be expected from each one accordingly. On the managerial and interpersonal level, this is a lifelong gift, to better understand ourselves (since the types are also within us) and others.
Tania di Giuseppe
Tania di GiuseppePsychologist, Psychotherapist, Italy
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It an indispensable training to get to know each other and to know the different human typologies. Knowing the psychological types allows one to open their mind and understand the richness of differences between individuals. This knowledge makes you listen to yourself and listen to others without judgment, guided by a new curiosity about the different facets of the human soul. Antonella Galie is also a wise, brilliant guide, and sure in the knowledge of these fascinating territories.
Meriel Macdivitt
Meriel MacdivittInternational Events Manager, Scotland
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This course is transformative! Most of my frustration at work and in life was with people who did things differently, those who were slower or faster, more or less emotional or simply approached tasks from a different point of view. If I’m honest with myself I had always thought that ‘my way’ was the ‘best way’ and I had ‘eureka’ moment after the course when working with a difficult colleague: I finally recognized the characteristics of her type and understood why she did things that way and that her way was as valid for her as mine for me! I became able to recognize the qualities of the different types in friends, family and co-workers and see the value in them and what I could learn from them, taking things much less personally and becoming more tolerant, understanding and so much happier! I’ve done many communication-related courses and this is by far the most impactful!
Roger Soley
Roger SoleySpain
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The teaching of psychological types has been useful for me to understand better myself and others, the conditioning, and the direction towards where it is useful for me to move. This has allowed me to improve relationships with others and better focus my inner work.

Psychological types

The Man, the symbols that represent him and his psychology

The Psychological Types Seminar
for the first time in Israel

3 in-depth days from June 29 to July 1




Last date for registration 22.6 at midnight
Only last tickets remain

Where and when?

Registration at 18:30.
Seminar time: 19:30 – 22:20.

Arrival at 09:30.

Seminar time: 10:00 – 19:00.

Arrival at 09:30.

Seminar time: 10:00 – 14:00.

Parking is available near the tennis courts, which are a short walk from the seminar. Please be considerate of the neighbors and refrain from parking too close to the seminar complex.

Common Questions

The seminar is delivered in Italian, and we will listen to it through translation into Hebrew. The quality of our translation is extremely high.

Registrations are open until the time of the event, unless the tickets run out earlier.

Sorry, no refunds for non-participation.

Yes. You can request a tax invoice already during the registration process