Next edition: 13-14-15 December 2019 
in Israel

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“If you know what is really important to you
every step of yours is certain

you can move with certainty towards the place of your happiness.

Patrizio Paoletti



a 3 day event in Israel

What do I really want? What is important to me? What are my deepest and most heartfelt aspirations?

Some questions can change our history. Successful people are successful because they are able to answer these fundamental questions. The first of all these questions, the simplest but most incisive of all is “what do I really want?”
 The answer does not come from outside, from the world outside of us, but from a daily dialogue with ourselves, understanding what is really important for our life.

OMM LIVE 2019 is the opportunity to create your answers

In the 3 days of OMM LIVE 2019, you can explore the 5 keys of the OMM method with Patrizio Paoletti, to learn to dialogue with yourself in order to narrate what you really want and move towards the place of your happiness.

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3 days with Patrizio to

Learn to really know yourself, free from fear: “Who am I? What do I really want?”

Understand, guide and communicate your emotions and learn to cultivate your life values.

  Discover within you the space of change in which you can meet the You better than you.

“Meditating is not closing your eyes. Meditating is opening your eyes to life”

I am Patrizio Paoletti, a passionate scholar of the human mind and its potential.

For years, with the Neuro-Science Institute of my Foundation, we have been studying tools for personal development, in collaboration with Italian and international Institutes and Universities.

I am very happy to explore the OMM path, the One Minute Meditation with you, during the event OMM LIVE 2019. Thousands of people are practicing OMM and experiencing the real power of a minute.
This is why we created this 3-day format: because many people like you really want a better life.

This will be the second edition of OMM LIVE. Together we will discover how meditating is the simplest and most natural action of life. We will work on listening to the breath, on silence and harmony. We will experience the power of detachment, distance and the determination to produce awareness. Finally we will acquire a simple technique to apply every day to create the best you. This is my most sincere wish for you.




  • If you are looking for tools to improve yourself and feel happier

  • If you wish to increase your ability to interpret events in a pro-active way

  • If you want to do more, do it better and with more joy

  • If you feel that the time has come to take action, going beyond your fears and prejudices

  • If you wish to learn how to build a new you and improve your relationship with the world

  • If you want to start Living Passionately


12-13-14 December 2019 – Israel

A practical experiential seminar

To learn to know yourself and your emotions
and build the you better than you.

Guided by Patrizio, you will learn engaging techniques and work on a path of change made of the
5 steps of the method OMM – The One Minute Meditation

Step 1 – Focus
Find the space for your new you. Learn to relax, concentrate and keep focused on your goal, without letting yourself be captured and distracted by life, by being in a rush, but your lack of time.


Step 2 – Envisioning
Look at the you better than you beyond the horizon. Learn to imagine a possible future that simply has yet to come true. Telling yourself what you want to achieve is an important step for your change.


Step 3 – The 3Ds
Detachment, Distance, Determination: go beyond your fears, guide your emotions. You will learn to know your limiting beliefs to decide upon your life.


Step 4 – Resist and Surrender
This is is the moment of good intentions, of the promise to yourself: you will formulate your commitment to yourself. To do so you will have to resist your limits, and surrender to the new you.


Step 5 – The little actions
The little daily actions are what will change your life. The value of these gestures is immense: today’s little actions are the cause of the great things that will come tomorrow.


Bonus step – Celebrate
This is the extra step, the one that you must not trivialize: celebration, where you can say “Here I am, I am here”. I am ready to fulfill the life I most deeply desire.


Thousands of people are practicing OMM in Italy and around the world..
Read below to see what people who have already participated in the event OMM-LIVE have to say!

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Take the opportunity to be there!

Exclusively for you, the best conditions for you to participate.

Patrizio Paoletti

There is only one thing that will allow you to achieve joy and fullness in life:
 your self-awareness. After writing the book OMM, the One Minute Meditation, I received hundreds of requests to explore the 5 keys described in the book more deeply.
This is why I created “OMM – the One Minute Meditation LIVE”, a 3-day event to work together on expanding your levels of awareness: who you are, what you want, what is your real potential.
A mind trained by the heart is able to produce a winning narration, to let you discover the extraordinary power of life and achieve what you really want. 
I look forward to making an extraordinary journey together with you.
Live Passionately – Patrizio Paoletti

In brief, why is it important to participate in OMM LIVE – Create your Destiny 2019?

We will be in direct contact with Patrizio

3 whole days

to work together

with him


We will work in a pratical and deep way

Patrizio will guide

us beyond

our fears and laziness


There will be many of us, from all around the world

800 people

longing for a

concrete change


We will follow the wonderful path of OMM

exercises, techniques,

relaxations, ideas,



We will train ourselves to practice

To appreciate the effects on our body,

our feelings, our toughts


We will work with an incredible energy

Making use of the experience

of other participants

What would happen if one billion people pracitced OMM daily? I can say with certainty that the world would be better.
Patrizio Paoletti


The value and quality of the contents of OMM are truly unique. However, if you are not happy with the event, you can ask for a refund of your ticket leaving the training before the end of the first afternoon.
Just go to the reception and explain your reasons.

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