Does it seem that life isn’t going your way?
Do you find it hard to be happy?

the One Minute

A simple and engaging path to build a new you and live the life you desire

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The advantages of the OMM path to improve your life

  • Become more relaxed, thanks to the free guided meditation practice and audio relaxation.

  • Increase your concentration: meditation clears your mind.

  • Prefigure more effectively what you desire thanks to the training exercises.

  • Acquire more Detachment from your needs, Distance from your negative emotions and Determination to reach your goal thanks to the 3D’s.

  • Understand better how your mental mechanisms work thanks to Patrizio’s exploration of the 3D’s with a free 21-minute video lesson.

  • Improve your ease in relating to others thanks to the focus on your values.

  • Achieve more self-awareness. This is the most precious outcome in order to create the new you that you desire and put it into practice.

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Meditating is not closing one’s eyes. Meditating is opening one’s eyes.

Patrizio Paoletti
improve paoletti

I am Patrizio Paoletti, creator of OMM and author of this book. If you are reading these words of mine it’s because you are looking for a practical and easy guide to get to know yourself and live better. I really know how you feel because for over 30 years I have dedicated myself to personal development and I stimulate people to go beyond their fears. Don’t underestimate the power contained in just one minute. An infinite number of things happen in a very short time: taking a wrong decision, responding inadequately, etc.

The OMM path will teach you how to discover what you truly desire and how to move forwards towards your goal.

How to improve your life in 5 steps

improve omm book

Easy to read,
practical to use!

  • Designed for your needs.

  • A pocket-size guide you can carry with you everywhere.

  • Simple diagrams help you memorize key contents.

  • Practical exercises to train yourself.

  • It teaches you to practice OMM: 1 minute to change your life.

Plus 3 extra gifts for you with the book OMM!


Audio relaxation

Scientific studies confirm that a relaxed mind is a happier and more productive mind.
In the book you’ll find the link to listen to the OMM guided relaxation to reinforce your practice.


Video lesson

To help you understand the antidote of the 3D’s and put it in practice, you’ll find in the booka the reserved access link to watch a 21-minute video lesson held directly by Patrizio.


Guided meditation

Let’s practice together. In the book you’ll find the link to listen to the guided meditation with Patrizio: advice on the best posture, a gong to mark the start and finish and other valuable advice still to be revealed!

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The duration of one Minute,
the importance of Life.

I am a passionate researcher of the human mind and it’s potential.

In my Foundation’s Institute of Neuroscience we have been studying tools for personal development for years, together with Italian and International Institutes and Universities.

Today I’m very happy to share with you OMM, the One Minute Meditation, because it’s a simple and yet extremely effective practice. Thousands of people have practiced with me during my international tour on Mediation and they have practically experienced the power of one minute.
For this reason I decided to share the OMM path, through this book, to reach all those people like you who deeply desire to improve their life.

Patrizio Paoletti


The second hand of the clock OMM passes over your fears and transforms them into values.

We all have one minute to improve our life!

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Thousands of people in Italy and around the world have already practiced OMM.

“I was struck by the simplicity with which it highlights our sabotaging processes and how it gives us the possibility to contact the best part of us. Once you read this book it is clear that we have no more excuses and we can’t blame other things or people for the results in our life: they depend on us. The OMM technique helps us to gradually take back the power over our life.”

Francesco Fontana, Lawyer
“Discovering meditation has revolutionized my life. It was as though it opened my eyes for the first time, put order in my daily life and allowed me to discover unused potential. OMM is a practical pocket-sized book that uses a simple and effective method to teach you to keep your mind in constant training, removing the stress and anxiety of life.”

Stefania Sartore, Manager
“As I read the book OMM I felt like I was being led hand in hand to a place that my heart desired to reach: the place of happiness, joy and hope. As I was reading it I was surprised several times by the feeling that it had been written precisely for me. It is a book that went straight to my heart.”

Nico Romero, Employee